Get to Know Our Team in Little Rock


JOAN WARREN  (President) oversees general operations and works directly with distributor headquarters.


BILL WARREN  (Marketing Director) works with each distributors marketing department and is our bid specialist.


JOE McELROY  (Vice President/Sales Manager) oversees sales operations and also works as an end-user

calling on and working with Ben E Keith and Sysco Foodservice in Arkansas.


LARRY DUNN  (Account Manager) Working as an end-user calling on and working with PFG Little Rock Foodservice in accounts such as schools, hospiyals, chain accounts and restaurants.


SUSIE POINTER  (Account Manager) manages the office and processes account orders and works with

buyers from each distributor.


DEB THOMPSON (Account Manager) works as an end-user working with US Foods and Tankersley in

accounts such as schools, hospitals, chain accounts and restaurants.


PEGGY CROMWELL (Merchandiser) works as an end-user with Joe McElroy for Ben E Keith Foodservice of

Arkansas and Sysco Foods.